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Our Student Midwives

StudentI am a Certified Doula, Student Midwife, and Life Coach (TOG). My Doula training began with ACHI and completed with ALACE. I focus on creating the family unit in way that allows for the most support and relaxation in birth. I also focus on Nutrition, and lifestyle during pregnancy, birth and delivery. I am an advocate for births parents and an extra set of hands.

I feel that pregnancy is a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical journey. An Expectant Family’s thoughts and emotions, the emotional changes witnessed by the Partner and the physical/emotional changes the Expectant Mother feels within her body, all impact how she chooses to birth her baby, which will set the tone for their future lives. These sessions help to provide the mother with a safe place, a haven where she can ask questions, speak freely, and gain advice and support. I hold the counsel of women in their journey at this most sacred time of life, giving guidance through the emotional aspect of pregnancy and labor.

In private sessions, I offer birth counseling for birth related issues, including preconception and planning your pregnancy, fear in labor, fear of death in labor, birth trauma (yours or your mother’s) and postpartum concerns. Phone and Skype sessions are available for those not able to meet in person for a fee.

I am the student midwife with Shelly Girard and Seannie Gibson and all labors with them.



Shelly and Seannie are preceptors for the National College of Midwifery in Taos, New Mexico. Our students are enrolled in this program and are pursuing midwifery licensure in the state of California and are receiving their supervised clinical training with us.  We are grateful to our clients who allow our students to learn by being part of their care.

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