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Downtown Los Angeles/Los Feliz/Hollywood 

Dr. Mark McDowell, M.D.

MD,  Board Certified Family Physician

Medical Director,  APAIT Health Center

1730 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 150

Los Angeles, CA 90015

office: 213 553 1830

Cell:  646 925 1084



I am a classically trained Family Medicine physician, who practices evidenced based, progressive-minded medical care.  Each patient is treated according to their desires and past experiences.  I blend training from Midwives, Obstetricians, Pediatricians and Family Physicians to obtain healthy outcomes. I am the medical director at a community health center working with interdisciplinary teams to additionally support families and women thrive in our society. I offer a respectful and knowledgeable balance to care for you, offering pediatric care  for your  newborn and children, and care the whole family. Also offer care during pregnancy and childbirth at California Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital, both in Downtown Los Angeles. Pediatric hospital care conducted  at Hollywood Presbyterian, California Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital.


“[Homeopathy] is a method of self-healing assisted by small doses of natural remedies and practiced by licensed physicians and other health professionals throughout the world…The homeopathic method was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. (1755-1843)…he demonstrated that every medicinal substance regularly elicits in healthy people and array of signs and symptoms closely resembling those that it helps to cure the sick, and that medicines with symptom pictures most similar to those of a given illness are most likely to initiate a curative response…Homeopaths use the smallest possible dose, and repeat them only when necessary, allowing the remedies to complete their action…the minuteness of the dose makes it extremely unlikely that anything untoward or dangerous will occur, an important safety feature.” From Dr. Richard Moskowitz, M.D., Homeopathic Remedies for Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Also see: Homeopathic Medicine for Pregnancy by Paula Tipton-Healy, LM, Homeopathic Consultant

If you are a homeopathic practitioner and would like to list your services here, please contact us/

Psychological Support/ Family, Couple, Individual Counseling

If you are a MFT or MFCC, or Psy. D. specializing in fertility and pregnancy issues, we invite you to place your ad here. Please  contact us.


Chiropractic has numerous benefits during pregnancy.  Over the course of a forty week gestation, a mother’s weight gain will ideally reach somewhere between 30-40 lbs. This increase in weight can create spinal misalignment and/or postural distortions which in turn affect nerves, muscles and mobility of joints. As the bulk of this weight is deposited in the abdominal area, the mother’s center of gravity shifts forward. In order to compensate, the natural curves of the spine, particularly in the lumbar region, become exaggerated causing “low back pain”.

Read more and get exercises for back pain: Chiropractic & Pregnancy

Dr. Mike De Napoli, D.C.

Dr. Mike Denapoli, DC


Dr. Mike De Napoli, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Pasadena Family Chiropractic

960 E. Green St. Suite #302

Pasadena, CA 91106




Our Mission:

“To serve God by serving as many people as is divinely possible with quality, loving care”

If you are chiropractor specializing in f pregnancy and pediatrics,  we invite you to place your ad here. Please  contact us.


Read article and find out about acupressure points to relieve common discomforts of pregnancy and labor Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine by Dr. Marsha Connor, R.N., Lic. Ac, O.M.D.


Acupuncture has many benefits for the childbearing cycle. A few include: regulating the menstrual cycle, promoting fertility, lessening menstrual discomforts and morning sickness, preventing herpes outbreak, energizing and relaxing the woman during pregnancy, inducing labor in a post-date pregnancy and strengthening weak uterine contractions, to name just a few. In the postpartum period, acupuncture and oriental medicine can help cleanse and revitalize the body after birth, and increase milk supply.

Various disorders of pregnancy and postpartum can be helped with TCM, utilizing acupuncture, herbs, diet, massage, acupressure, cupping and moxibustion (a method of applying heat to acupressure points) as modalities to aide in re-balancing the body’s energy and blood to achieve a healthy state. Some of the conditions which have been helped are morning sickness, abdominal pain, edema, urinary pain, miscarriage, scanty lactation, breech and posterior presentation, prolonged labor, etc.

If you are an Oriental Medical Doctor or Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in women’s health, fertility, pregnant women, infants and children,  we invite you to place your ad here. Please contact us.


See Also: Pregnancy Yoga Exercises Contributed by Christy Marsden, of Yoga Blend, Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Instructor

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Christy Marsden

Owner and Instructor

Yoga Blend

1921 W. Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91506

Telephone: 818-954-YOGA(9642)


Yoga during pregnancy is important for many reasons. It keeps the body strong and supple, it helps to focus the mind and it creates a conscious awareness of the breath, which according to yogic thought, is believed to link us to our true self or spirit as it is often called. By cultivating a deeper relationship with our self, we create better relationships in all areas of our lives, including the one with our baby. Below are some very simple yet effective yoga techniques and poses, however, you should always check with your health care professional before beginning any exercise routine.

If you are a yoga instructor teaching pregnant women, new mothers, and/or  children, and would like to  place your ad here, please contact us.


The benefits of exercise during pregnancy include improved physical conditioning, creating strength, flexibility and stamina for prenatal period, endurance for labor and delivery and a quicker postnatal recovery. Also, studies have shown that babies whose mothers exercised during pregnancy had better apgar scores and decreased meconium at birth. By exercising, pregnant women can reduce common discomforts such as backache, swelling and constipation. Psychological benefits include the development of a positive body image which helps woman gain confidence in her ability to handle the labor and delivery process.

West Los Angeles, Culver City, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey

Kimberly Lou Pescke
Fitness Instructor/Life Coach
California Beach Mommy – “Get Your Sexy Back!”
4712 Admiralty Way #123
Marina Del Rey CA 90292
(310) 628-8234 Cell/Mobile

Private training and group classes for pregnant women and new mommies (with babies!) and private training available, as well as videos to buy at her online store.

If you are an exercise instructor for pregnant women, new mothers, and/or  children, and would like to  place your ad here, please contact us.


See Also Visualization for a Loving Birth by Caroline Fitzgerald, C.H.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help women before and during labor. It allows women to relax, surrender and remain calm during the labor process – decreasing or eliminating the tension that many women experience as pain. Hypnosis leads you gently and easily to a deep state of relaxation and peace.


Los Angeles/ Pasadena/ Santa Monica/ Beverly Hills

Caroline Fitzgerald, C.H.

Clinical Hypnotherapist

2400 Echo Park Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90026



Caroline Fitzgerald is a Certified Hypnotherapist who has been practicing in the L.A. area for twenty years. Ms. Fitzgerald is certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, the largest and most respected national organization of professional hypnotherapists in the USA. Her training includes hypnotism, healing, and pain control. She has given birth herself five times. She is a wise and powerful mentor to pregnant women and will help support your transformation on your journey to motherhood.


 If you are a hypnotherapist or hypnobirthing instructor and want to be listed here, please contact us.


©Photo by Carl Studna


Denver/Boulder, Colorado

Carl Studna Photography

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Family Photography

Birth Expressions

Work (303) 838-0943

Cell (303) 359-7797


Birth Expressions captures the sacred moments of your birth experience in a photographic chronicle. Memories that will endure for generations. From the moment of conception through the giving of birth, a parent’s journey is steeped in preparation and is anchored in love. This is a rare and precious time of ushering new life into the world, cradled in the boundless expressions of honor, vision and joy. Throughout this experience there are a vast opportunity of enriching moments awaiting to be singled out and treasured in your own photographic collection. Documentation of birthing and delivery. Special family moments with your newborn.

Carl’s images are featured in this website.

©Naomi Solomon Photography

Greater Los Angeles, Southern California

Naomi Solomon Los Angeles Birth Photographer


Cell: (424) 288-0130



Birth Photographer Naomi Solomon journals your home or hospital birth from early labor until hours after your baby is born. With years of experience as a professional photographer and having been on both ends of the camera during the birth process, Naomi knows how to make herself invisible, respect the birthing mother, and capture the most important moments of your child coming into the world. The Journey of Birth Photography also offers “In the Beginning” on-site maternity portraits, “A Day in the Life” pre-birth family journaling, and “Sweet Pea” newborn portraits.

Naomi’s photos are featured on our main page slide show at:

Southern California, will travel further
Shawna Wentz

©Shawna Wentz Photography Sacred Womb Artistry

5908 Kanan Dume Rd.
Malibu,  CA 90265
Phone: 505-577-3639

Pregnancy photography, 2 hour session in your home or on natural setting. $500.00. Includes high resolution images (up to 100) and archival prints of your choice:
2  8X5
1  11X14

Shawna’s photos are featured throughout this website.

If you are a photographer or videographer of  childbirth and  pregnant women and would like to  place your ad here, please contact us.



The purpose of pediatric craniosacral therapy is to offer effective therapeutic techniques to assist normalizing thestructure, balancing the nervous system, and resolving possible trauma issues of the birth experience. The principle is to honor the consciousness of the infant and it incorporates a caring common sense approach of infant centered therapy.


For more information on Carniosacral Therapy for Infants, see articles by Dr. Benjamin Shield:

Effects of Obstetrical Interventions on the Craniosacral System that Influence Breastfeeding

Why do we treat babies and infants?

Greater Los Angeles

Ben Shield & Young Friend

Dr. Benjamin Shield, Ph.D.

Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy


(323) 932-1112

The purpose of pediatric craniosacral therapy is to offer effective therapeutic techniques to assist normalizing the structure, balancing the nervous system, and resolving possible issues of the birth experience. The principle is to honor the consciousness of the infant and it incorporates a caring, common sense approach of infant centered therapy.

There are various conditions that pediatric craniosacral work can successfully address.  These include: accidents and physical trauma, autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, dyslexia, breastfeeding, suckling and swallowing difficulties, gastrointestinal disturbances, vision problems, otitis media, sleep disorders, torticollis, sinus and respiratory illness, orthopedic conditions, orthodontic problems, as well as many other conditions involving sensory disorders, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems.

Pediatric craniosacral therapy helps the child cycle through chronic stress and hyperactivity, as well as chronically held depression and withdrawal.  The goal is to bring into balance the autonomic nervous system and give the child greater access to more positive, socially engaged states.


If you are crainialsacral therapist working with  pregnant women, new mothers, and/or  children, and would like to  place your ad here, please contact us.

Prenatal and Infant Massage

During pregnancy and childbearing, the enormous influx of hormones combined with weight gain, altered body shape, and the normal biophysical and structural discomforts caused by increased blood volume and a shifting center of gravity, all contribute to many pregnant women feeling downright uncomfortable, emotionally and physically! Massage can provide an excellent means not only for relieving body stress, but also for helping her deal with emotional fears and concerns. When a woman feels integrated and healthy in her body and mind, she will manifest a more positive birth experience. Infant Massage promotes bonding and parent-infant interaction, which helps to establish a positive connection between infant and parent which can lead to a child’s positive self-esteem. There are also numerous physical benefits for baby including soothing colic, helping with digestion, promoting restful sleep, and more.

See Also: Pregnancy & Massage Therapy by Shelly Girard, LM, CPM, CMT

Los Angeles

Allison Savior, CMT

Alison Savior C.M.P.

Certified California State Massage Therapist (Lic 13001)

3950 Los Feliz Blvd., #104

Los Angeles, CA 90027





Alison is a deeply inspired, compassionate, highly trained massage therapist with 28 years in private practice.  She employs a customized approach of pain management, acupressure, structural release, gentle Swedish, and traditional pre natal massage to assist and resolve all manner of issues and difficulties associated with pregnancy.  Certified as a Massage Practitioner by the California Massage Therapy Council, Alison’s work rejuvenates, strengthens, balances and relieves pain.  Servicing Los Angeles and all surrounding areas since 1984.

If you are infant massage instructor or teacher, and would like to  place your ad here, please contact us.

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