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When I discovered I was pregnant I found myself in a dilemma pertaining to “how to give birth”. After visiting several hospitals, I felt certain that should I have the choice, this was not the environment I would wish for myself to welcome a new being into the world. Being that this was my first pregnancy, and that I was an “older” mother, I was apprehensive, as the alternatives seemed to have quite a lot of fear and controversy surrounding them. However, because I had a low-risk pregnancy, I had the privilege of choice, and what I truly wanted was something profound, still, deep, connected, gentle and sacred — all held in the spirit and sanctitude of my personal space. Only my home could offer that to me.

Once I had made that decision internally, and felt sure that this was the right way for me – Shelly and Seannie fell into my lap and everything else fell into place too. It was a decision that took courage, and once I had made it, it was obvious that it was not a big deal at all and I never looked back. My pregnancy was a soft, warm and comfortable experience from that point onwards and my birth, although obviously challenging, as all birth must be, was a profoundly transformative and awe inspiring experience – one for which I will always be tremendously grateful.

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