The logo for Childbirth at Home – A Labor of Love is a baby cradled in loving hands inside of a twelve-petaled lotus. The lotus is a representation of the heart chakra taken from the book Serpent Power by Sir John Woodroffe. In yoga philosophy, the heart is the spinal center for Divine love, spiritual vitality, and life energy control, and the gateway between the three lower centers of consciousness and the three higher centers. The baby is symbolic of birth and new life, renewal, beginnings. The hands represent the act of nurturing, protecting, and caring. Together these express our commitment to surrounding the birth of every child with Divine love.
On a more personal level, the baby has a much deeper meaning. Shelly Girard, Midwife, designed this logo: “As a child, my earliest association with birth and babies related to Christmas and the birth of Christ. The wonder and joy of that special season and its connection to birth remained with me throughout my growing years. When I found my spiritual path, my perception of Christ evolved to embrace the Christ consciousness, the universal Love that permeates every atom of creation. I learned that every being can experience the birth of Christ consciousness as unconditional love within the heart. And so for me, this logo is an affirmation: ‘O my Christ, come and be born in the cradle of my heart.’ It is my prayer that through the experience of birth, Divine love be awakened in all hearts.”