Midwives Seannie Gibson LM CPM and Shelly Girard LM CPM MPH

Shelly and Seannie

Welcome to our practice! We are a small personalized practice offering women who would like to have their babies at home a prenatal experience in a lovely bucolic setting. Enjoy our central location in the peaceful hills of Mt. Washington with easy access from seven freeways.

We are highly experienced Certified Professional Midwives licensed by the State of California with a unique approach to childbirth. We are committed to acknowledging the connection of mind, body and spirit that promotes healthy mothers and babies and successful deliveries. We aim to maintain a balance between evidence-based medicine and complimentary modalities of care such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy.

We see excellent nutrition as a cornerstone of a healthy pregnancy and will work within each dietary framework to help you provide your baby and yourself with all of the nutrients so necessary for optimal health.

Although there are two of us, we work in a very close partnership and attend all prenatal visits together. This ensures that you will always be attended by someone you know well and with whom you feel safe and comfortable. You will also have the benefit of the collaboration of two caretakers actively addressing your needs and concerns throughout the prenatal, delivery and postpartum periods.

We are honored to work with families from every culture, ethnic background and spiritual tradition. We invite husbands, children and extended family members to participate throughout the process.

We know that birth belongs to the parents who are the primary caretakers of the pregnancy. To that end, we work in close partnership with you providing education, guidance and support that will help you make informed decisions about your care. It is your birth and you have the ability within the parameters of safety to create the experience you envision.

We look forward to hearing from you! Give us a call or email us. Details below.

Seannie Gibson LM CPM and Shelly Girard LM CPM MPH
Childbirth At Home a Labor of Love
A Homebirth Midwifery Service in Los Angeles, California

496 Rainbow Avenue
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Email: childbirthathome@gmail.com
Phone: (323) 221-2299