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Doula Labor Support with a Midwife

The experience of childbirth is a life-transforming moment in a woman’s life. It is an opportunity for deep personal growth and empowerment. A satisfying birth experience can lead to increased bonding and maternal awareness, and helps prepare a woman for mothering from a place of strength and love, regardless of place of delivery or outcome.


Doulas provide a variety of non-medical comfort measures such as emotional support, relaxation techniques, pain management and information to pregnant families. Having a doula can provide pregnant couples with the tools to empower themselves in a medical setting and ensure that their experiences are honored and that they feel safe. Numerous studies have proven the benefits of the practical and emotional support provided by doulas for parents throughout pregnancy and birth.

For women who really desire a natural birth, but are not ready or able to plan a home delivery, a midwife doula can help you achieve your goals in a hospital or birth center.  In addition to the emotional support, education and physical comfort measures provided by the average doula, a midwife doula also offers advanced clinical skills that help you stay home longer by assessing labor progress, and monitoring you and your unborn child.

We offer labor support for those women wanting extra care while planning a hospital delivery. We provide accurate assessment and management of labor progress and help you decide the best time to go to the hospital. We help with nutrition, an exercise plan, provide education and explanations for common pregnancy concerns and medical procedures. We help with breastfeeding, postpartum recovery and newborn care.


If you desire to:

Have help in managing the experience of pain during childbirth

Feel more confident about laboring and giving birth

Be more empowered during labor and delivery

Learn about procedures so you can make effective decisions about your medical care

Have assistance helping your partner be educated and confident in their role during labor and delivery

Have help creating a birth-plan

Have assistance with breastfeeding after the birth

Then, the answer is undoubtedly yes!


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