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Childbirth at Home Office in Mt. Washington – A peaceful, buccolic setting for prenatal visits.

We are committed to offering you comprehensive care and loving support from the moment you find out you’re pregnant (or are planning to be pregnant!) throughout your childbearing years and beyond.  We want to support your choices and will tailor your care accordingly from belly to birth.

Preconception and Fertility Counseling

If you are planning to conceive, we are happy to meet with you and discuss birth options and all issues pertaining to a transition into parenthood. We can help create a plan for appropriate nutrition, exercise,  and vitamin/herbal supplementation, and can perform blood work or other diagnostic measures if needed.

Complete Prenatal Care

Your prenatal appointments will last about 50 minutes and take place in a peaceful, nuturing environment.  We welcome your spouse, children, friends and relatives at prenatal appointments and your delivery, if you desire.   We are able to provide the same standard tests and procedures offered by most obstetricians. Some tests may be optional to clients under our care, but all are available. Blood and other samples are collected right at our facility and sent to the lab for processing.  Extensive counseling and education regarding all aspects of pregnancy, delivery, and the newborn period will be a part of every visit.

There is 24 hour / 7 day availability for birth services, emerging problems or phone counseling.  Your concerns are truly important to us!  Prenatal care takes place at our office monthly until your 8th month, then bi-weekly until your 9th month, and finally you will be seen weekly during your last weeks of pregnancy.  We include a visit to your home prior to delivery (usually done at about 37 weeks of pregnancy).

Together we create an advanced nutritional plan and exercise program that will benefit both you and your baby.  Drawing on strong backgrounds in herbology, homeopathy, accupressure and massage therapy, we will direct you to high-quality integrative services when appropriate.  Our extensive experience with the use of midwifery techniques helps to optimize your health,  minimize delivery complications and keep you safely at home.

Mothers birth best where they feel the most comfortable and with whom they feel the safest.  Giving birth in the sanctuary of your own home, surrounded  by loving friends,  family and experienced care providers can be one of the most joyful and empowering  moments of your life.  Your delivery at home will be attended by a midwife with whom you have a trusting, established relationship. We will provide continuous care during active labor, delivery and immediate postpartum.  By the time your birth team leaves, you will be showered, fed, and tucked into bed with your breastfeeding newborn and significant others. For further browsing, please see “Why Midwives and Homebirth?”


This practice prides itself in having performed one of the first waterbirths in the Los Angeles area in 1988. For those women for whom water is a comfort, laboring and/or delivering in water in a portable birthing pool at home may be just the thing to ease labor. We have all the information and resources needed to create a beautiful home waterbirth.

Extended Postpartum Care

We will return within 24 hours after your birth to check both you and your baby and assist with breastfeeding.  This care will continue throughout the six week postpartum period with multiple visits to ensure the well-being of you and your baby.

Breastfeeding Counseling and Support

Breastfeeding your baby is an amazing experience!  While most mothers have no difficulties, mastering the process can take time and be challenging.   As highly trained Lactation Consultants we can help ease the process should you have problems with latch, milk supply, sore nipples, plugged ducts etc.   If your breastfeeding issues require serious intervention, we work with Lactaion Specialists to help master the problem.

Nutrition and Exercise Counseling

Excellent nutrition is the cornerstone for a healthy pregnancy and birth, and for the optimal growth and development of your baby.  Whether you are a vegan, a macrobiotic or a meat lover, we can help create a diet that ensures you get all of the nutrients you need.  We will also help you work on an exercise routine that you enjoy in the knowledge that babies born from mothers who exercise on a regular basis have superior cardio-vascular systems for life.  Our approach is to promote the best health possible to help prevent avoidable complications.

Well-Woman Gynecological Services and Family Planning

We offer annual exams, Pap smears / HPV screening, STD screening, Breast Exams, Birth Control Counseling including Natural Family Planning, Peri-menopause and Menopause counseling, and assistance with sexual dysfunction.

Support for Twin Pregnancies and Deliveries

Currently most twins are delivered in the hospital. Some women want the encompassing care of a midwife throughout the prenatal period and especially during delivery, to ensure a safe and healthy vaginal birth.  We have been honored to work successfully with many mothers-to-be of twins to help them have a more-fulfilling birth experience within a hospital setting.

Childbirth Education

This practice refers to many extremely-experienced homebirth oriented Childbirth Educators for both private and group classes. In our opinion, it is very helpful for expectant parents to explore viewpoints from diverse sources to expand perspectives on issues that may not be covered during prenatal visits. We always hope that clases supplement the ongoing education that they are receiving with their midwives.

Hospital Birth Support

Women who are looking for extra support for their hospital deliveries should consider Doula services. While being safely monitored and guided, you can stay home longer, avoid interventions and have a more satisfying birth experience. We offer packages that include concurrent midwifery care as an adjunct to care you are getting from your Doctor, full support for delivery For further information, read Why Midwives and Homebirth?

Additional Services
  • Placental Encapsulation
  • Blessingway Ceremonies – An Alternative to the Conventional Baby Shower
  • Infant & Adult CPR Classes
Referral Services

We are happy to refer to ancillary care providers such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, obstetricians, perinatologists, and pediatricians in diverse areas of the city for your convenience.  The caretakers to whom we refer are all highly-skilled in their fields and have years of experience safely treating pregnant women.

We recognize that pregnancy and birth are life-changing events and that processing fears and concerns helps free the birthing mother to go to the place inside of herself where she already knows how to give birth. To that end, if there are issues that require in depth examination, we have trained therapists and hypnotherapists who offer unique approaches to the mental and emotional stresses that can arise over the course of a pregnancy.

The doulas to whom we refer, both for birth and postpartum, are masters in their fields and can provide the highest expertise with skill and compassion.

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