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Placenta Encapsulation

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Your Baby’s Placenta

  • contains your own natural hormones
  • is made for you
  • balances your system
  • replenishes depleted iron
  • gives you more energy
  • decreases bleeding postnatally
  • helps increase milk production
  • helps you have a happier postpartum period
  • helps return the uterus to pre-pregnancy state
  • can be helpful during menopause

The placenta is an amazing organ that contains vitamins and minerals that help fight depression symptoms. It is rich in iron and protein, which are essential to women recovering from childbirth. Although research on placentophagy is still new, there have been studies on postpartum hormone fluctuations and health. These studies have found a direct correlation with a drop in CRH, (Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone) a stress reducer, produced by the hypothalamus gland and baby blues. During the last trimester of pregnancy, the placenta secretes a very high level CRH into the bloodstream. Studies show that immediately following birth there are lower than average levels of CRH, which can trigger depression like symptoms. This study concluded that at the time of birth the placenta contained such high levels of CRH that the hypothalamus gland stopped producing it. Once the placenta is born, it takes several weeks for the hypothalamus gland to began to produce CRH again. During this time women can feel, sad, lethargic and in general just not themselves. This information supports the fact that there is likely a biological cause for the baby blues, which is directly related to a significant hormone drop immediately after birth.

There are many wonderful properties in the placenta! The placenta is an amazing organ that grows your baby, helps your healing and transition into parenting as well!

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